Jazz graduated from the 2016 batch of Kelly Makeup Studio’s Bridal Makeup and Hairdo Course and was declared the winner of the “Best Makeup” award at the graduation ceremony at Botanica Mansion. Before entering the professional makeup industry, Jazz was an ordinary girl with very limited knowledge about makeup. Little did she know that she actually have an extraordinary talent in doing makeup until she decided to take a Bridal Makeup lesson hosted by Kelly Makeup Studio. During the first few classes, it was undeniably a tough start for her as her peers were all equipped with basic makeup knowledge. However with her hard work, passion and a little help from her unexplored makeup talent, she managed to excel and has great potential. Since then she never stop learning and keep on improving herself, equip herself with every makeup and hairdo skill available. As a compliment to her achievements, she was awarded Kelly Makeup Studio’s “Best Makeup Artist” award at the Bridal Makeup and Hairdo Course graduation ceremony at Macalister Mansion in November 2017.